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We help organizations accelerate PoCs & full-fledge adoption of IoT solutions

We specialize in system integration, solution development and deployment for Internet-of-Things arena. Right from hardware selection, cloud engineering to end user application,


“When we talk about the Internet of Things, it’s not just putting RFID tags on some dumb thing so we smart people know where that dumb thing is. It’s about embedding intelligence so things become smarter and do more than they were proposed to do.” 

Nicholas Negroponte



These are the endpoints or sensors which are the ultimate source of data and are deployed at different locations and conditions depending upon requirement.


Global Infra

Once the endpoints are connected, the data they transmit has to be stored and organized somewhere – public / private cloud or On-Premise server.


 Data Analysis

Technohertz has the capability to perform data analysis, from small to big data, as per the business requirements and make it available for consumption.


 People and Process

Technohertz help client organizations in incorporating their rules and processes into the applications by integrating with their authorization and authentication mechanisms.



Network is the core of IoT – no network no IoT. While Things may not be capable enough to connect directly to the internet, introduction of suitable Gateway solves the problem

For Every Type of Business

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